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Port of Limburg has announced large-scale plans to implement a state-of-the-art security infrastructure. The security initiative includes various projects, including the innovative drone-in-a-box project, initiated by the Carma police zone, where drones are deployed for surveillance purposes. Currently in the proof-of-concept phase, the drone is being tested from the roof of H.Essers Dry Port, pending the completion of Port of Limburg’s buildings. The ultimate goal is to use drones for routine inspections and rapid response to incidents, in collaboration with local authorities.

In addition to this technological innovation, Port of Limburg has committed to the highest security standards, including the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code, although the port currently does not serve ocean-going vessels. Compliance with this standard is a proactive step to prepare for future developments, such as serving smaller coasters with direct connections to the United Kingdom.

Security investments include a comprehensive perimeter fence, visitor registration, advanced camera surveillance, and electronic access control. Furthermore, periodic training and exercises are planned, both internally and in collaboration with local authorities, to enhance awareness and response to security incidents.

“With these initiatives, we aim not only to meet the highest security standards but also to lead the industry,” said Benjamin Hermans, CEO of Port of Limburg. “Our goal is to become the best-secured inland port in the Benelux while anticipating future developments in the sector.”

Port of Limburg’s security initiative has already led to constructive cooperation with local and national authorities, including the police and investigative services, to ensure the safety of the port and its surroundings. With these ambitious plans, Port of Limburg aims to become not only a significant economic hub but also a safe and reliable partner in the logistics chain.